skins Contour HYBRID splitboard

skins Contour HYBRID splitboard


The unique hybrid adhesive consists of two different layers of technical glue which provide both, a perfect bond between the glue and the back of the skin as well as perfect tack to the ski base preventing snow from entering between ski and skin. hybrid technology offers all advantages of “glueless” skins: excellent tack even at very low temperatures and for multiple ascents, easy handling and no more reglueing - the adhesive can simply be cleaned and thus reactivated.

Hybrid Technologie - Adhesive technology of the latest generation!
Hybrid is the first adhesive for climbing skins that is composed of two layers. The first one holds the skin firmly and securely in place even at low temperatures while it can effortlessly be pulled off and no residues remain on the ski. The second layer joins the adhesive layer and the skin.



Quick Overview

  • Trim to fit lengths up to 180cm
  • Including: cutter, protective net for long term storage and skin bag including microfiber cloth to clean base before attaching the skin.
  • 135mm wide
  • perfect adhesion to the ski even at low temperature
  • effortless removal from the ski
  • maintenance free - the adhesive does not have to be reglued. When the adhesive is dirty it can be regenerated by simply washing it with conventional detergent.
  • easy handling as the skins can be folded. With the enclosed synthetic mesh panel you can cover the adhesive for storage
  • 65% Mohair/ 35% synthetic blend
169 EUR
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