The recyclable materials in our Snowboards: 25% recycled base 15% recycled topsheet 80% recycled sidewall 60% recycled steel


During the development and production of snowboards we seek for and use the materials that will harm planet Earth the least possible. We use materials which are available in our area - within a radius up to1000 km. In most of our models we use materials which are recyclable and do replace plastic on the surface with wood in the SUPREME series .The highlight of our efforts is a unique Full Wood board.


For to bond our snowboards we use the most environment-friendly glue ECO  
R*CONCEPT. Biobased epoxy system designed specifically for the compression molding processes of composite parts.

The compression molding Polar Bear Biobased Epoxy System is designed for snowboard manufacturing.

That enables us to produce boards with wooden surfaces and sidewalls with even smaller ecological footprint.

The glue is made for the most part out of co-products or waste products of other industrially important processes and reduces the overall pollution.




We support the development program SECOND CHANCE FOR MATERIAL that is dedicated to recycling several materials, not only from the production of snowbords, but different kinds of "waste" that we would leave and find in daily life. The goal of development is to produce 100% recycled snowboards or as closely as possible to100%.



Our eco-technology eco specialty - a topsheet of 100% wood.
We´ve developped a unique surface treatment that no other manufacturer will offer you.
For a perfect finish we´re using a modern technology adding a micro-layer eco resin, that´s protecting the wood against abrasion with this polishing natural wax glaze.

Some percentages of materials and their ratios in the structure:

The standard design: plastic 31%, wood 25%, other materials 44%

Natural Wood Surface: plastic 21%, wood 31%, other materials 48%

True Wood: plastic 0%, wood 54%, other materials, 46%

The construction of LTB snowboard with Natural Wood Surface has a lower overall weight and the amount of plastic gets reduced by 10%. These snowboards contain more wood than plastic!

The construction of the LTB snowboard True Wood is furthest in this direction,
Unique board contains no plastic at all.