History of the Brand
LTB history
We started in a garage in 1986 at a time when a snowboard was considered something inaccessible. It was forbidden.


Today, a snowboard is something for everybody. LTB SNB focuses on the development and production of limited series. We manufacture up to 1000 boards annually, in the average to higher price range. This consists of specific products in a wide range of shapes and designs. LTB does not mass produce but takes a personal approach to every snowboard. Our target customers are riders who ride 50-100 days a year.
We sell most of our snowboards, up to 80%, in alpine countries /Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland/.
Boards are becoming more and more a fashion statement and many riders are not satisfied with just any classic board with an standard design. That is why LTB has teamed up with designer and graphic artist Aleš Najbrt, David Černý, Mirek Kaufman and othet artists. A limited series snowboards of each design is produced according to an individual order.?