OEM production

We are able to produce snowboards from 1 piece

Preparation of production for OEM customers have these options:
- we will produce a molds for order...price is 1200 EUR for one shape of board
- we will produce a molds cheaper for production of 20 boards...price is 700EUR for one shape of board
- we can produce a board without molds but the price of work is more expensive ( about 500EUR a board + material)
- we can produce boards on our molds ( you can see shapes on our websides)

Terms of production:
- Standard production -   boards ordered half year before production. Most favorable price category.
- Term production - we could make a recervation for speciat term ( for example 14 days in october) Midle price category
- Contract production - customer make an order of 30- 50 pcs of boards and make a payment of material. During the season make an orders and we make a boards in 3-5 weeks from order.. Middle price category.
- Extra Contract production - it is the same as  contract production but the delivery of boards is in 2-3 weeks.Higher price level.
- Expres production - delivery in one months without previos order. Highest price category.

We can produce the profile camber, rocker or rocker-camber combination and it will not affect the price.
Generally are the prices higher in term from October - March and lower form may to August.
We always ask for deposit.