Reto Kesti - CH

Reto Kesti

After meeting the LTB family for a first time in 2010 – where i got the chance to finally ride a really a really wide park board, which i've been searching for many years (P-TEAM) – it was only in 2015 where we really started to cooperate. When i saw the first prototypes of the DREAM SERIES it was immediately clear for me, that i wanted to ride these unique boards, that i've really been dreaming of earlier!
So i did quit my former sponsor to concentrate on the work with LTB: each year in springtime (now for 3 years) we've been testing together new shapes in Grindelwald before improving some of it – if necessary on the screen of our computers, wether in Prag or Switzerland.
Today i'm super happy with all of our products and so i'm trying to convince more people to get the maximum fun out of their (LTB) Snowboard - safer riding and more float on our über-wide boards and other models.
After a long career of competing and shaping snowparks, thousands of days in the snow, i'm stoked to have found a great, reliable partner with LTB, that can satisfy my high standard needs of skate- and snowboards